Single Panel vs. Sectional Garage Doors: Which Is The Best?

Single Panel vs. Sectional Garage Doors: Which Is The Best?

We all like options, and when the time comes to choose your next garage door, we can promise you that you have more than one style and color to choose from. Installers can create any number of custom garage door perfectly tailored for just one home—your home. So there’s no need to spend your money on a garage door that you’re not certain is perfect for your house! That’s why we want to compare single panel doors to the common sectional garage door.

What is a Single Panel Garage Door?

  • Single panel garage doors are single, solid slabs that slide up and into the space above your car when they’re opened.
  • Occupying about the same amount of space as a sectional door, it functions quite differently.
  • Most single panel garage doors are hung on a very strong hinge system attached to the jam.
  • When single panel doors are fitted with springs, the door is then able to swing easily without an opener.

Comparing Single Panel Doors to Sectional Garage Doors

While we’ve seen single panel doors offer a number of advantages over sectional garage doors to many of our customers, we understand they’re not for every customer. Nonetheless, here are a few reasons you may opt for single panel doors:

Cost. Single panel garage doors are considerably cheaper than sectional doors made. When you need to replace a garage door torsion spring or cables, the price will also be lower.
Material and design variety. With a single panel door, you’ve got one palette to work with in nearly any material you can think of, with no pesky panels to negate your style.
Simplicity. There are relatively few parts and require less attention in hanging than sectional garage doors.

However, sectional garage doors are popular for the following reasons:

Safety. Perhaps the most important reason homeowners have abandoned single panel garage doors is for safety reasons.
Space limitations. Newer homes are built with less space between neighbors, so the extra few feet a single panel garage door needs to tilt has to come out of the driveway, meaning that homeowners usually park further back while the garage door is opening.
Tolerance for violent weather. A sectional garage door may be better in extreme weather. When a sectional garage door gets hit with horrible weather, it may end up dented or crushed in just a single section, providing an easier, less expensive repair.

Garage doors come in a variety of configurations, with a style perfect for every home. When it’s time to choose your next door and you need some reassurance, give us a call here at ASSA ABLOY. Our fifty years of experience will provide you with a door that is perfectly suited for your home.