Did you know that you can actually replace the bottom rollers on your garage door yourself? Plus, it is also a pretty cheap replacement to make. Eliminating the squeak from your garage door while only spending a few bucks is a definite win!

Of course, as with any DIY project around the home, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions in order to keep yourself safe and get the task accomplished properly. Garage doors are powerful, so they can be especially dangerous if you are not careful while you are working on them. Before you begin replacing the bottom rollers, you first want to get the garage door in a position where you can work on it safely.

To properly secure your garage door, you want to take the following steps:

  1. Put the garage door up, and place a stepladder underneath of it.
  2. Allow the garage door to rest on top of the ladder.
  3. To prevent the garage door from falling, place C-Clamps on both garage door tracks, below the last rollers.
  4. Unplug the garage door opener machine.
  5. Pull down on the manual safety release, and disengage the garage door from the rail.

Now that you have the garage door secured, it’s time to get to work. Following are the easy steps you can then follow to replace the garage door bottom rollers:

  1. Take a pair of pliers, and bend part of the track (near the top) slightly open.
  2. Line up the first garage door roller with the opening you just created.
  3. Wedge a flathead screwdriver between the roller and the track to pry the roller out.
  4. Completely remove the old roller.
  5. Slide in the new garage door roller and insert in back into the track.
  6. You can then roll the garage door down to the next roller and repeat the exact same process for all four of the bottom rollers.

With the proper precautions, the right tools, and simple instructions, it is possible for any homeowner to replace the garage door bottom rollers. Of course, you can still always call a professional if you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project yourself.